Larry Patrick '63, Chairman        

Ray Litt '48, Vice Chairman        

Susan Hitchcock '57, Secretary        

Adrienne Coleman '94, Cass Association Liason      

Tamekia Ashford '92, Communications Chair        

Rita Barksdale '76, Assistant Secretary        

Patricia Battersby '69, Centennial Celebration Committee Chair    

Audra Carson '83, Volunteer Chair        

Danice Chisholm '57, Treasurer     

Ponce Clay '88, By-Laws Committee Chair         

Bill Hindelang '66, MMS Project Co-Chair            

Veronica Leonard '88, Alumni Relations Chair        

Tameka Martin '91, Alumni Merchandise Sales Coordinator        

Gwen Moore '75, Executive Committee        

Remele Penick '95, Students In Need of Assistance Program (SNAP) Chair  

William Phillips '86, Athletic Committee Chair        

Michael Stevenson '77, MMS Project Co-Chair, Annual Golf Outing Committee Co-Chair            

Markisha Williams '95, Strategic Planning Chair          

Alan Young '71            

Andrea Young '84            


Caroline Ramsey '74, Office Manager

Ada Nicole Smith '95, Social Media Coordinator

Nancy Jennings '83, Membership Director

Lawrence Patrick III '93, Digital Media Manager

Brandon Pickens '99, Annual Golf Outing Co-Chair  


The Mission of the Cass Tech Alumni Association (CTAA) is to support the students at Cass Technical High School in obtaining a quality, comprehensive education.

Through the volunteer efforts and financial donations of our Alumni worldwide and partnerships with the community, we strive to give today’s students the same life impacting experience we had at Cass Technical High School. 

Ten years from now, we see that the Cass Technical High School Alumni Association (CTAA) has evolved from a small group of local volunteers who have helped Cass Technical High School for sixty years into a world-wide organization of alumni who have a major impact in maintaining Cass Technical High School  as one of our nation’s premier public high schools.

CTAA has programs and activities such as student scholarships, mentorships, school activity sponsorships, faculty supports, and funds to help students with financial barriers in their daily school lives - all which contribute to the success of the talented youth enrolled at Cass Technical High School.

Thousands of Alumni worldwide are volunteers and donors. These Alumni believe that a Cass Tech education was a privilege. They want to pass on this powerful heritage and help open doors for students to have the same life shaping educational experience which impacted on their lives.

 Through their involvement with CTAA, alumni enjoy the camaraderie of other alumni through social events, networking, and their volunteer activities sponsored by CTAA.

This Vision of CTAA is staffed with highly skilled paid personnel. CTAA also provides internships to Cass Technical High School students and university students.

The CTAA is strongly financed by alumni donations, government and foundation grants, business support and an endowment.

The Cass Technical High School Alumni Association (CTAA) is guided in our work by these beliefs:


  • Current students should have the quality educational experience we had. 
  • Cass Tech students are future leaders.

Cass Technical High School

  • The current faculty of Cass Technical High School can provide the quality education we had. 
  • A Cass Tech education prepares students to excel in the future they choose. 
  • Site–based management of schools promotes an enriched, quality education.


  • A culturally and racially diverse milieu is an important component of a quality education. 
  • Membership on the CTAA Board of Directors should reflect the historically diverse enrollment of Cass Technical High School.

Cass Tech Alumni Association

  • The CTAA should support the needs of all stakeholders – students, parents, and faculty.
  • The #1 responsibility of the CTAA Board of Directors is to assure the continued viability of the CTAA.

And, most importantly  –


CTAA, in its ongoing efforts to maintain Cass Tech's reputation of being an excellent institution of learning, welcomes more involvement from its alumni. For information or to volunteer, email CTAA Board Chairman Larry Patrick at

Alumni Relations
The Alumni Relations committee plans activities that connect alums through activities that are fun, such as the Annual Pancake Breakfast, All Years Picnic, social gatherings in the metro Detroit area and other cities.   Also, the committee establishes benefits for CTAA members such as discounts, special purchase pricing and vacations.

The Athletic committee works cooperatively with the Principal, athletic department, parents and community to support student teams and athletes through advocacy, engagement of community resources to fill funding gaps and recognition of accomplishments. 

The Communications committee tells Alumni and others about the accomplishments, activities and needs of CTAA and keeps them informed about individual Alumni through a website, social media, e-blasts, newsletter and news media. The committee oversees the “branding” of CTAA.

CTAA Centennial Celebration
2016 is the 100th anniversary of the CTAA!  The committee is planning a fabulous party weekend in early 2016 and a series of activities through-out the year that connect alums and students including seminars done by distinguished alumni. 

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee includes all CTAA officers and others appointed by the Chair. The EC meets 8 times a year, in non-Board meeting months, to conduct the business of CTAA.

The Finance Committee oversees the financial management of CTAA and recommends improvements that assure the integrity and soundness of CTAA finances.

Fund Development
The Fund Development committee establishes paths for Alumni and the community to contribute time, money and resources for the benefit of the school and students.  Examples are the Jazz Sizzle Concert, Annual Golf Outing, donations from businesses, grants, endowments, and mentoring programs.

Golf Outing
Since 1996, Cass Tech Alumni and guests have gathered at a local golf course on the first Saturday of August to play in the Annual CTAA Golf Outing. Participants compete for prizes and bragging rights. Alumni are encouraged to put together four-member teams that will have fun as well as opportunities for winning prizes.

Jazz Sizzle
The Jazz Sizzle committee is dedicated to enriching the skills and experiences of music students at Cass Tech.  In 2014, they organized a fund raising concert during the Detroit Jazz Festival which honored distinguished Alumnus and bassist Ron Carter. 

This committee will be responsible for reviewing and submitting a list of candidates for election to the board of directors of the association. Members must be selected by the board chairperson. 

Pancake Breakfast
The Pancake Breakfast committee plans an annual fun event at Cass Tech High School providing an opportunity for Alumni and others to mix and mingle while getting updates about the school.

SNAP (Student Needs Assistance Program)
SNAP helps individual students who have barriers that interfere with their education, such as clothing, bus tickets, glasses, etc.

Strategic Planning
The Strategic Planning committee develops and monitors a plan that improves the impact of Alumni on Cass Technical High School and its students. 

The Technology committee assures that CTAA is using up-to-date technology, recommending software, hardware, and soliciting donations of skills and equipment.  Currently, the committee is working to select and install a new management information system.

The Volunteer committee recruits and honors alumni and others who volunteer time and resources to support CTAA programs.